YUEJIN Brand Light Truck

X Series X100 X300 X500

YUEJIN X Series is a medium and high-end light truck designed and manufactured by Naveco, which is a product of careful research and development of 4 years, with an investment of 1 billion RMB special funds, based on top-down development concept under the full support of the shareholders of both SAIC and Italy Iveco with Chinese and foreign technical personnel joint cooperation.

  • Fashionable appearance
  • Comfortable interior trimming
  • Outstanding power

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Fashionable Appearance

The truck body uses narrow body design, light and good controllability; this truck model has changed the previous rear-view mirror positions; installed the rear-view mirrors on the doors, not only the appearance is unique but also the field of vision becomes more open.

Comfortable Interior Trimming

The cab internal space is spacious and comfortable; when designing the truck body size, the Chinese and foreign technical team have given full consideration to the objective needs of the urban transportation environment; the leading truck making process and excelsior manufacture concept have made it fully meet and exceed the highest standards of the domestic urban transport.

The headlamps are very fashionable, with the inner ring of diamond, novel and grace.

The small cab can conveniently run on the roads in urban areas; the low cargo body height can facilitate manual cargo loading and unloading. Middle of the cab is reserved with many refit spaces, which can be used for storing things, and for installing control instruments of other equipment; operating handle of 5-speed transmission has already kept up with passenger cars.

Outstanding Power

Equipped with the engine of international leading CY4102 - CE4D series, with rated power 83KW, maximum torque being as high as 235N.m, high efficient power, energy conservation and environmental protection. Compared with the similar products on the market, its controllability is more flexible and handy; with its excellent performance of safety and riding comfortability, it is worthy of a new generation of urban light truck.

As a light truck to be sold to the Chinese and world medium and high-end markets simultaneously, aiming at the world's most advanced products as the benchmarking standard, the YUEJIN X Series series is designed by adopting the European standard comprehensively from the early research and development stage; the Chinese and Italian technical personnel have worked in close cooperation, have made a great deal of experiments and investigations, not only aiming at the mainstream light truck products both at home and abroad, but also in combination with authentication demand of “Chaouyue” going into the international market, tracking the world's new technologies, new processes, and concentrating on studying the Chinese and the world’s different countries’ laws and regulations and the market demands.


Product Series X100-26 X100-28 X100-33
Model NJ1026DA NJ1028DA NJ1038DA
Cab Type Single Cab
Engine Model SOFIM8140.43S3 YN4100QBZL
Rated Power 112HP/3600rpm 95HP/3200rpm
Max. Torque 285Nm/1800rpm 245Nm/2200rpm
Laden Mass 1700KG 2120KG 2270KG
G.V.W. 3500KG 4230KG 4420KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 5105x1960x2200 5420x1960x2275 5995x1960x2275
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 3360x1810x370 3710×1810×370 4210×1810×370
Wheelbase 2600mm 2800mm 3308mm
Brake Hydraulic Brake
Power Steering Yes
A/C Optional


Product Series X300-33
Model NJ1042DA
Cab Type Single Cab
Engine Model SOFIM8140.43S3
Rated Power 125HP/3600rpm
Max. Torque 285Nm/1800rpm
Laden Mass 2300KG
G.V.W. 5000KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 5995x1960x2275
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 4210×1810×370
Wheelbase 3308mm
Brake Hydraulic Brake
Power Steering Yes
A/C Optional


Product Series X500-33 X500-38 X500-41 X500-45 X500-47
Model NJ1062DA NJ1062DAL NJ1070 NJ1080 NJ1120
Cab Type Single Cab
Engine Model YZ4102ZLQ(or ISF3.8s4R141) ISF3.8s3141 YZ4105ZLQ SC4H160Q4
Rated Power 110HP/2900rpm 141HP/2600rpm 128HP/2800rpm 160HP/2800rpm
Max. Torque 310Nm/1800rpm 450Nm/1200-2200rpm 350Nm/1600rpm 500Nm/1900rpm
Laden Mass 3100KG 3200KG 5100KG 5300KG 7300KG
G.V.W. 6000KG 6200KG 8500KG 9500KG 12000KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 5995x2070x2285 6950x2300x2285 7550x2275x2490 7995x2380x2590 8590x2380x2650
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 4240×1970×450 5105×2080×550 5700x2080x550 5810x2080x550 6250x2160x550
Wheelbase 3308mm 3800mm 4170mm 4570mm 4750mm
Brake Air Brake
Power Steering Yes
A/C Optional