YUEJIN Brand Light Truck

S Series S50

The style design comes from SAIC R&D Center, whose design is presided over by the famous styling designer; its appearance is fashionable and grace, which is more in line the Chinese aesthetic concept.

  • Fashionable appearance
  • Comfortable interior trimming
  • Outstanding power

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The dynamic streamlined design can effectively reduce wind resistance and reduce fuel consumption.

This model of truck is a new product in between light truck and mini truck, which has grandness and solidness of light trucks and lightness and comfortability of mini trucks; the cab width reaches 1550mm, its width is the widest among the similar products, so the driving space is more capacious, and the riding is more comfortable.

The cab’s tightness is superior to that of other similar products, with lower noise; it is equipped with large standard heater, with better heating effect than that of other similar products, driving and riding more comfortable and safe; the brake pedal, integrated switch and central control panel design are superior to that of other similar products, with better controllability, and driving more comfortable.

The minimum turning radius is smaller than that of the competing products, more convenient for user to turn and turn around in narrow street and lane; its power performance is good, starting and maximum speed are better than that of the competing products; the engine, transmission and rear axle are optimized for better matching, its fuel consumption level is lower than that of the competing products; the cargo body width reaches 1545mm, superior to that of the competing products.

Equipped with the domestic brand engine – Yangchai-485, gearbox-Changchi-516, the power is more powerful, and overload performance much stronger; the engine, transmission and rear axle are optimized for better matching, leading position of the power and torque in the same level of trucks realized.

The frame uses special alloy steel (16Mn), of high strength; with the rear leaf spring widened and thickened, its bearing capacity is strong, and driving safer and more reliable; the cab uses large curved windshield, having a broad view; brakes and lights are upgraded, nighttime driving and braking are much safer; the engine, clutch, transmission and tire quality and the complete vehicle reliability have been upgraded comprehensively, so the reliability is greater.


Product Series S50
Model NJ1023DBBZ
Cab Type Single Cab
Engine Model YZ485QB(or LJ465Q-2AE)
Rated Power 48HP/3200rpm
Max. Torque 125Nm/2000-2200rpm
Laden Mass 745KG
G.V.W. 2450KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 4945x1625x2020
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 3200×1545×320
Wheelbase 2500mm
Brake Hydraulic Brake
Power Steering Yes
A/C Optional