YUEJIN Brand Light Truck

H Series H100 H300 H500 RHD

YUEJIN H product series style design comes from SAIC R&D Center, whose design is presided over by the famous styling designer; its appearance is fashionable and grace, which is more in line the Chinese aesthetic concept.

  • New style
  • Comfortable interior trimming
  • Outstanding power
  • Strong bearing capacity
  • Safe and reliable

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Frame rear-view mirrors, large grille, air foil, integrated head light, a perfect matching.

Bumper strength increased, safety guaranteed, more comfortable and easy in driving and riding.

The cab internal space is capacious and comfortable, reasonably arranged; the seats are the aero seats, comfortable, not easy to get dirty; advanced coating technology is adopted, the complete vehicle is well sealed, with obvious effect of sound insulation and dust prevention.

The dashboard uses environmental protection material, green and safer, equipped with standard high-power heater with remarkable heating effect; optional air conditioning of the original plant can be installed, which can produce good cooling and heating effect, more comfortably in summer and winter when driving and riding.

Inductive electronic odometer is configured, display more accurately, common mechanical faults of similar products are eliminated, thus the maintenance cost is reduced, fine for the user.

In the coastal and more developed areas, the road conditions are becoming better, leading to reduction of overload situation, so that users are more concerned for maximum speed and fuel economy. A status is added for the complete vehicle of medium body main model, by adjusting the speed ratio, matching reasonably the power assembly and the transmission system of the medium-body main truck model, maximum speed of the complete vehicle is increased and the economical speed section improved.

The transmission control adopts remote double flexible cable control, which is high in transmission efficiency and easy for maintenance; the manipulator uses bearing fit, gear select/shifting is flexible and reliable, with long service life; the engine and transmission adopt brand new matching of Iveco technology, so it has more powerful power, stronger overload performance and more powerful climbing ability.


Product Series H100-26 H100-28 H100-33
Model NJ1026DA NJ1028DA NJ1038DA
Cab Type Single Cab
Engine Model YN4100QBZL
Rated Power 95HP/3200rpm
Max. Torque 245Nm/2200rpm
Laden Mass 2360KG 2450KG 2500KG
G.V.W. 4500KG 4500KG 5000KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 5105x1960x2200 5420x1960x2275 5995x1960x2275
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 3360x1810x370 3710×1810×370 4210×1810×370
Wheelbase 2600mm 2800mm 3308mm
Brake Hydraulic Brake
Power Steering Yes
A/C Optional


Product Series H300-33
Model NJ1042DA
Cab Type Single Cab
Engine Model YZ4DA9-30
Rated Power 102HP/2900rpm
Max. Torque 285Nm/1600rpm
Laden Mass 2900KG
G.V.W. 5500KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 5995x1960x2275
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 4210×1810×370
Wheelbase 3308mm
Brake Air Brake
Power Steering Yes
A/C Optional


Product Series H500-33 H500-38 H500-45 H500-47
Model NJ1062DA NJ1062DAL NJ1080 NJ1120
Cab Type Single Cab
Engine Model YZ4102ZLQ YZ4105ZLQ YC4E140-20
Rated Power 110HP/2900rpm 128HP/2800rpm 140HP/2800rpm
Max. Torque 310Nm/1800rpm 350Nm/1600rpm 430Nm/1300-1700rpm
Laden Mass 3100KG 3200KG 5300KG 7300KG
G.V.W. 6000KG 6200KG 9500KG 12000KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 5995x2070x2285 6950x2300x2285 7995x2380x2590 8590x2380x2650
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 4240×1970×450 5105×2080×550 5810x2080x550 6250x2160x550
Wheelbase 3308mm 3800mm 4570mm 4750mm
Brake Air Brake
Power Steering Yes
A/C Optional


Product Series H100-28 H500-33 H500-38
Model NJ1028DAU NJ1062DAU NJ1062DALU
Cab Type Single Cab
Engine Model YN4100QBZL YZ4102ZLQ
Rated Power 95HP/3200rpm 110HP/2900rpm
Max. Torque 245Nm/2200rpm< 310Nm/1800rpm
Laden Mass 2450KG 3100KG 3200KG
G.V.W. 4500KG 6000KG 6200KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 5420x1960x2275 5995x2070x2285 6950x2300x2285
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 3710×1810×370 4240×1970×450 5105×2080×550
Wheelbase 2800mm 3308mm 3800mm
Brake Hydraulic Brake Air Brake
Power Steering Yes
A/C Optional

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