YUEJIN Brand Light Truck

C Series C100 C300 C500

YUEJIN C Series is a high-end light truck that comprehensively adopts European standards, fully uses forward direction design and integrates leading technologies and excellent qualities.While satisfying the requirement of national top-end logistics, YUEJIN C Series enters the international market with big steps. Thus, the technicians both at home and abroad cooperate with each other and track new technology and process of vehicles globally, and study diligently the regulations and market demands of China and other countries for three years to elaborately construct the brand.

  • Golden power transmission chain combination
  • Comfortable driving
  • Reliability and safety
  • Value beyond the price

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Golden power transmission chain combination

Carry world’s top power transmission chains like SAIC, IVECO and Cummins

Excellent performances – acceleration performance, high speed, adaptability

SOFIM engine

Introduce in IVECO advanced power, with the same origin of European quality, and construct the national top SOFIM engine.

Have excellent low-speed large-torque characteristics, with strong start, quick acceleration, good endurance, and excellent high-speed performance.

Adopt common rail electrical injection system so that the engine vibration and noise become less and smaller; the idle noise is 76dBA and the comfortableness of complete vehicle and the driving quality are significantly improved.

Three international patents

Cylinder cover design of aluminum alloy overhead camshaft.

Frame structures of upper and lower cylinder bodies.

Unique design of accessory case, integrated the vacuum booster pump, the power steering pump, the fuel transfer pump, the engine oil pump and the engine oil cooler system as a body.

Comfortable driving

Super-low noise

First light truck in China to be up to the EU noise standard.

Acceleration noise outside vehicle is lower than 78dB(A).

The ear noise is low to 70dB(A) at a vehicle speed of 80km/h, making low voice talks heard.

Sedan-like seat

Four-direction adjustable; sedan-like seat; not only pretty shaping, also with good coverage feeling and high comfort.

Safety and Security

In safety performance, YUEJIN C Series looks ahead and adopts the new regulation on passenger protection of ECE29-03, to be effective in 2017 in EU; a series of active and passive safety protection items, including the main and auxiliary air bags, pretightening safety belts and engine theft prevention technologies, enable you to enjoy trouble-free and comfortable driving.

Value beyond the price


Light-weighted – riveted frame, one-time punch forming. Adopt high-strength steel, ensuring weight reduction as well as bearing. Adopt the whole-type side wall and the whole-type floor, significantly raising the vehicle body strength, rigidity and manufacturing precision, to be beautiful and light-weighted.

Whole-type side wall and door

Repair convenience

High universality – key parts and components.

Adopt the dual-way active degassing system; guarantee continuous positive pressure at the inlet of engine, avoid air bubble and cavitation damages to water pump impellers; realize real-time air/liquid separation; even without the opening of thermostat during engine warming, the engine can be guaranteed to effectively eliminate the gas; the cooling liquid is of closed circulation; facilitate filling of cooling liquid and liquid level observation.

Universal, series and standardized: the universal rate of one-time design of parts and components of YUEJIN C Series cooling system is higher than 95%, effectively reducing production costs and facilitating parts supply.

Leading technologies

YUEJIN C Series electrical system intelligent platform technology (CAN bus, BCM, ECU module, instruments) are in the leading position in the domestic light truck industry, which have pulled the truck to be car like to a new page.

YUEJIN C Series owns a lot of intelligent designs, which enables the customers not only to experience the high technology, but also really feel the safety, convenience and enjoyment brought about by the intelligence.

Elegant shape

We abide by European standard, and have made top-down design in an all-round way, with Chinese and foreign technical personnel joining forces, having tracked the global automobile new technology, new craft, having studied the Chinese and the world’s different countries’ laws and regulations and market demands, which took us three years for this exquisite product.

Our styling masters have made repeated deliberation and optimization, outwardly, the appearance of every line and every transition, inwardly, every switch and every knob in the internal space, which can give users the most perfect visual enjoyment and operating experience.

The headlamps are the results of noble and elegant design concept; the upright headlamps are increased with lateral elements, outlined with 15 LEDs, and coupled with octagonal LED reflectors, which are vigorousness and gracefulness combined in harmony, dynamic and static bringing out the best in each other.


Scientific Blue
Space Silver
Fashion Red
Pearl White


Product Series C100-26D4 C100-28D5
Cab Type Single Cab Single Cab
Engine Model SOFIM8140.43B4 SOFIM8140.43D4
Rated Power 112HP/3000rpm 125HP/3000rpm
Max. Torque 285Nm/1800rpm 320Nm/1600rpm
Laden Mass 1700KG 2500KG
G.V.W. 4200KG 5200KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 5130x1950x2316 5440x1950x2327
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 3300x1810x370 3610×1810×370
Wheelbase 2600mm 2800mm
Brake Hydraulic Brake Hydraulic Brake
Power Steering Yes Yes
A/C Optional Optional


Product Series C300-33D6
Model NJ1061ZFDCMZ
Cab Type Single Cab
Engine Model SOFIM8140.43D4
Rated Power 125HP/3000rpm
Max. Torque 320Nm/1600rpm
Laden Mass 3500KG
G.V.W. 6400KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 5995x2030x2339
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 4180×1900×420
Wheelbase 3308mm
Brake Hydraulic Brake
Power Steering Yes
A/C Optional


Product Series C500-33D7 C500-38D7 C500-42D7 C500-47D10
Cab Type Single Cab
Engine Model ISF3.8S4141(or SC4H140Q4) ISF3.8s3168(or SC4H180Q4)
Rated Power 141HP/2600rpm 168HP/2600rpm
Max. Torque 450Nm/1200-2200rpm 600Nm/1300-1700rpm
Laden Mass 3770KG 3570KG 4540KG 6460KG
G.V.W. 7770KG 7770KG 8990KG 10500KG
Overall Dimension(mm) 5995x2268x2438 6995x2314x2438 7645x2314x2438 8500x2384x2503
Cargo Body Dimension(mm) 4060×2110×450 5060×2110×550 5710×2110×550 6570×2180×550
Wheelbase 3308mm 3800mm 4200mm 4750mm
Brake Air Brake
Power Steering Yes
A/C Optional